Posted by on January 13, 2017

While nothing is set in stone yet, some parts have already been forged in steel for our first prototype.  Soon we’ll have the footprint nailed down and a full list of features.  For now here’s what we’re planning for minimum specs.

Planned Features

  • Enormous Build area: 24 in wide, 24 in length, 24 in height.
  • Strong steel and aluminum frame minimizes vibrations & print defects.
  • Pellet fed extruders allow use if cost effective plastic pellets instead of expensive filament.
  • Support for dual extruders allowing for fast prints with superior finishes.
  • All axis running on wheel free and belt free rails providing for smooth accurate movement.
  • RAMBO electronics, power supply and other electronics fully enclosed for safety.
  • On board graphical interface for simple reliable print management.
  • Heated bed allows use of wide range of plastics.
  • Optional enclosure to allow warp free prints with ABS and similar plastics.
  • All wires run through cable chains to keep loose wires and snags a distant memory.
  • Available as a build it yourself kit, pre-assembled sections (for minimal assembly), or fully assembled.

We’d love to hear your feedback.  As with every engineering project compromises will be made.  We aim to please as many people as possible while insuring the machine is reliable.


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