Posted by on January 13, 2017

It’s a new year, and it’s one I’m very excited about.  There’s so much going on, but I’ll just give you some highlights here.

  • We’re starting a new company.  Goliant 3D was registered as a new website in the first week, of 2017 and should become an official LLC within a few weeks.
  • We’re building our website!  There’s lots to do, but with a great template we can remove all the unfinished bits and add them back as they’re polished up.
  • We’re building our first prototype!
  • We’re making friends all over the 3D printing community.
  • Then we’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds and accelerate our growth.

I’m sure there will be more exciting events this year, like moving into a nice big warehouse space to produce and ship printers from.

You’re invited to come along for the ride!

I promise this will be an exciting adventure, Justin Deming

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