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Our goal for in 2017 is huge.  It’s rooted in our desire to bring industrial scale 3D printing to average people.

We know there are many people who want large 3D printers for several purposes.

  • Rapid Prototyping.  If you’ve got an idea you need to TEST it.  That’s what 3D printing is best for, but average sized 3D printers often aren’t up to the task.
  • Small Volume Manufacturing.  Filament based 3D printers can make prototypes, but they are usually too slow and expensive to feed for a reasonable cost per item to be achieved.
  • Production of household items.  This traditional goal of 3D printing often doesn’t come to fruition because of the difficulty of running less reliable printers.

We aim to solve these problems by creating machines that are orders of magnitude faster, and less expensive to run.  How can this be achieved?  Some of the plan is secret of course, but let’s just say by using pellet fed print heads we can lay down plastic dramatically faster, and still achieve great looking finishes.  We’re also building our printers on industrial quality hardware that’s dramatically more robust.

Best of all, we source our parts from existing manufacturing centers that are willing to customize the parts we need at very reasonable prices.  Once our prototyping phase is complete, we’ll be able to begin placing bulk orders from the same sources, and assembling printers for delivery all over the United States.   That’s how we’ll reach our goals.  We’ll be able to sell the printers for the same prices as smaller less reliable printers, and still make enough money to grow and expand our product line.  It’s a win-win proposition, which is the only way to successfully run a business.

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    Super! Never seen so nice post. Keep moving. You are the best blogger!

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