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Scaling up: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0 by Verne Harnish

It’s hard for me to find the words for how great this book is.  If you care to improve your business, read it, take notes, and be prepared for massive change for the better.

I got so excited halfway through reading this book I couldn’t stop telling my family and friends how eye opening it is.  I ended up on the phone with the boss of a great friend to tell her how amazing Scaling Up is, and I ended up not just convincing her to read the book, but she agreed to let me help her company scale up.  The next morning I realized what had happened.  I was so excited about the principles taught in the book I took on the job of a business consultant to help a multi million dollar company grow.

I’ve since finished reading the book, and I’m twice as enthusiastic now as I was halfway through the book.  I know it will take us a year or more to transform this company, but by beginning to follow the program laid out in Scaling Up we’re already seeing results.

The best part is this book isn’t just a book.  It’s like finally having an owner’s manual for your business.  There’s also a great website built to support the readers of the book through their transformation.  Have a look at it here.

Keep in mind that Gazelles wants to become a consultant for your business, but don’t let that scare you off.  These guys are the real deal, and if I could afford to hire them I would.  I know I’m not ready, but I will be within a few years at the most.

Scaling Up referenced a huge number of other great books, and I made a commitment to read every one of them.  So far since reading Scaling Up I’ve read 3 other great business books, two of which I think are from the Scaling Up list at  You have to scroll almost to the bottom, but there you’ll find an amazing list of well curated books worth reading.  Whatever problem you’re having with your business now, read Scaling Up first, then find the most applicable book in this list & read it.  I guarantee you’ll have more ideas than you can think of, and be ready to take action.

This book is what cemented my commitment to myself to continue my self education by reading frequently.   I now read at least 2 books every month.  I read a great quote in the last few months, and forgot who said it, but it went like this.  “Those who do not read have very little advantage over those who cannot read.”  I took this very seriously, and I now refuse to ever again be part of the not reading crowd.

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