Hello, I’m Justin Deming.  I’m the creator and owner of Goliant 3D.  I’d like to tell you a little about what this is all about, and the state of things as of this posting.

I’ve been tinkering and inventing things most of my life.   Many ideas have turned out well for me, and most haven’t.  It’s not from lack of trying hard, usually I just didn’t have the tools and support to do what I was envisioning.

In 2014 I started a company with the goal to produce a really innovative & cool product.  I won’t talk about it here now, because I’m still on that particular quest.  One thing I needed then, and still need now is a very large 3D printer.  I built a medium sized 3D printer, but it was sometimes less reliable than I’d hoped, and it couldn’t print what I needed in one piece.  It also took too long to print what I need.  It was also too slow!

In the fall of 2016 I began designing a truly large 3D printer, first by refusing to use methods that limit typical 3D printers from getting larger.  I sourced parts to build this machine, then something dawned on me:  It would be silly to build something so remarkable and not offer them to other people like myself.

It’s now the beginning of 2017 and I’m here writing pages for this brand new website that I just plopped onto a brand new domain.  So what’s the plan?

  1. Fight obscurity through massive action.
  2. Build and refine the Prototype.
  3. Obtain financing through Crowd funding.
  4. Begin manufacturing & shipping printers!

I’m working in this order, so that even if line 3 fails, I can still continue at a slower pace and eventually bring these amazing printers to market.

I’ll be updating this site as we go.  Adding blog posts and any other information I feel people will be interested in.  If you’re in the market for a large 3D printer please drop me a line and tell me what features you’d like to see in the design.  Also be aware that during the crowd funding phase there will be incentives to invest, which will result in you saving significant money on an amazing product!